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Choosing the right type of investment for you

We manage a range of investment portfolios, five of which are differentiated by the level of investment risk.

Whilst income is defined by its investment objective for income rather than capital growth, in this section we explain how we define the investment risk for each of the five risk graded portfolios.

It is worth mentioning that Investment theory states that to achieve a higher investment return you should accept a higher level of investment risk.

The theory also suggests that these two variables can be matched to achieve an optimum position so that, once you have been able to define your attitude to investment risk your investments can then be allocated to achieve an optimum result.

Finally, the theory goes on to suggest that higher risk assets such as shares, will outperform most other investments and the risk of holding these assets will diminish over time. It follows that your time frame will be a key determinant when defining your investment objectives.

The team have extensive international experience having worked in major wealth management firms prior to founding REALM.

We offer a highly personalised service to our clients in managing their investment portfolios and pensions.

Eugene Lawlor

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Blunden

Non-Executive Chairman

Venkat Chidambaram

Chief Investment Officer

Robert Debnam

Chief Operations Officer


Investment Analyst


Manager Research

Keith Robinson


James Adkin






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