Realm Investment Management is a Discretionary Investment Manager

   Eugene Lawlor – CEO

Hi I’m Eugene Lawlor,

I believe IFAs can increase their profitability, reduce risk and enhance their investment performance for very little extra cost. Fix a consultation with me and I’ll show you how.

Giving us the responsibility of managing, monitoring and communicating the investment decisions for your clients will allow you more time to focus on the growth and development of your business.

Our Model Portfolio Service (MPS) is a range of risk-assessed portfolios designed with the aim of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for your clients.

Our proven investment process employs a unique top-down asset allocation and fund selection methodology with an emphasis on managing risk and preserving capital.

You maintain full control of the relationship with your client which we will endeavour to support and enhance.


Poor quality research will invariably lead to poor investment outcomes. Our team conducts its own extensive in-house research and we believe the depth and breadth of our capability across all global markets matches that offered to large institutional investors.


We believe experience really matters. The future value of your investments will ultimately depend on the decisions your investment managers make when evaluating how conditions could alter going forward. It helps if they have witnessed those conditions before.


There is virtue in spreading investments to mitigate risk yet this can be a double-edged sword. If you diversify too broadly returns can diminish. The real skill is knowing how to allocate efficiently to those assets which can deliver attractive returns while actively managing risk.


We deliver clear and concise communication including regular market updates, quarterly valuation reports and performance data. Feedback is very positive but we always welcome suggestions about how we can improve this important part of our service.


We are surprised how infrequently some managers respond to changing investment conditions. Many adopt a passive strategy reviewing their positions quarterly. Yet todays markets are in a state of constant flux. We believe investments need to be monitored closely.

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