Realm Investment Management is a London-based discretionary investment manager working exclusively with financial advisers. Our proprietary investment process has proved itself through many years of volatile market conditions. With many DFM providers charging more than 1% per annum (Source: Wealth Manager Issue 454 Sept. 2018) we believe our combined charges, which at most would come in at 0.55% per annum (inclusive VAT) are extremely competitive in current market conditions. Our DFM Charge is charged as a “Fee Only” option at just 0.25% per annum plus VAT. We apply no other charges to your clients. If you want to use our platform (though not compulsory) we can offer a totally unrestricted platform solution. Our platform offers comprehensive client reports, online access for valuations, safe custody from a highly reputable institution and a fully functioning trading facility to allow efficient investment management capability including bulk trading and rebalancing tools. Our platform is charged at just 0.25% per annum. Furthermore, our platform charges are capped at the first £1 Million for individual and family accounts. Which means that the most a client will pay is capped at £2,500 per annum. Contact us now and discover how our services can augment and strengthen your existing proposition.

Giving us the responsibility of managing, monitoring and communicating the investment decisions for your clients will allow you more time to focus on the growth and development of your business.

Our Model Portfolio Service (MPS) is a cost-effective investment management service consisting of a range of risk-assessed portfolios designed with the aim of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for your clients.

Our proven investment process employs a unique top-down asset allocation and fund selection methodology with an emphasis on managing risk and preserving capital.

You maintain full control of the relationship with your client which we will endeavour to support and enhance.


To systematically review investment market data to extract facts rather than relying on the common narrative.


To judge and subsequently determine the value of research in order to reach new conclusions.


To then efficiently apportion the available capital for various uses.


To communicate with investors and keep them informed about how investment conditions are altering.


To keep a continuous record of how market data is changing and provide a feedback loop to our research.

Many Investment advisers have chosen to delegate the responsibility for reporting and management to a third-party investment management firm, which is why we believe you should consider our proposition.


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