MARKET VIEW w/e 3rd August 2018

MARKET VIEW w/e 3rd August 2018 981 980 Realm

The U.K. Stockmarket ended the week lower.

  • As expected, the Bank of England raised rates to 0.75% and kept it’s growth forecast for 2018 unchanged at 1.4%.
  • According to the ONS UK households are accumulating billions of pounds of debt. Economists are warning that the trend is unsustainable as interest rates rise.
  • Our Breadth Indicator turned negative this week and our Momentum indicator ticked lower again.

UK Market 3rd August 2018

The U.S. Stock market was higher this week.

  • Investors focused on strong second quarter earnings rather than the escalating trade dispute with China. More than 80% of S&P 500 companies have now reported with the majority beating estimates.
  • Friday’s nonfarm payroll report was below expectations but showed that the unemployment rate had fallen near to its lowest in fifty years.
  • At the Fed meeting this week interest rates were not raised but recent strength in the economy was noted – increasing the odds of a hike next month.
  • Our Breadth indicator turned positive and our Momentum indicator ticked up again.

US Market 3rd August 2018

The Big Picture 3rd August 2018

Market Sentiment 3rd August 2018

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