MARKET VIEW w/e 17th August 2018

MARKET VIEW w/e 17th August 2018 981 980 Realm

The U.K. Stockmarket

  • The U.K. Stock market was lower this week largely due to concerns regarding the U.S. threat of further sanctions against Turkey, the health of Italian banks and worries about what the forthcoming trade talks between the U.S. and China might bring.
  • Our Breadth Indicator turned back to negative this week and our Momentum indicator ticked lower again.

UK Market 17th August 2018

The U.S. Stock market

  • The U.S. Stock market closed higher for the week. Initially there was a decline through to Wednesday with weak data from China indicating slowing growth and increasing concerns that problems in Turkey might trigger a broader decline in emerging markets.
  • However the week finished strong on the optimistic news that China is planning to send a trade delegation to the U.S.
  • Our Breadth indicator turned back to positive but our Momentum indicator ticked lower.
  • There is a clear and growing divergence between the performance of the U.S. Stock market and the rest of the world.

US Market 17th August 2018

The Big Picture 17th August 2018

Market Sentiment 17th August 2018

U.S. Risk Barometer 17th August 2018

Europe Risk Barometer 17th August 2018

Emerging Markets Risk Barometer 17th August 2018


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