… is a London-based discretionary investment manager working with financial advisers. The principals have worked in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. Originating from an IFA background before moving into Investment Management.


Our CEO, Eugene Lawlor, started in FS in 1982. He became an IFA in 1986 and having advised investment clients for more than twenty-five years, became an Investment Manager in 2011. Eugene is a Chartered Member of the CISI.


Venkat started his investment career more than 25 years ago. In February 1994 he joined Global Asset Management (GAM) initially as an Investment Analyst progressing through the ranks to the role of Investment Manager within the Global Equity team where he assisted in the management of US$ 3 Billion of assets with specific responsibility for Emerging Equity Markets. In 2001 he took over the Global Equity team as Investment Director responsible for the management of US$500 Million of investment assets. In 2006 Venkat left GAM to join a leading middle eastern multi-family office with offices in London, the Middle East and Hong Kong, as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer where he managed the firm’s US$ 200 Million Fund of Funds portfolio. In May 2009 Venkat joined Towry Investment Management, a leading UK IFA firm managing £3 Billion of global assets. Venkat was responsible for managing the “Long Only” Fund of Funds team with assets valued at over £1 Billion.


Robert Debnam is head of our Investment Research. Robert’s career in financial markets started in 1984 when he began designing quantitative (price based) trading systems primarily to trade the futures markets. These “quant” systems became increasingly important through the eighties and nineties and Robert was in demand, teaching seminars both here and the U.S., writing articles for financial magazines, including Investor’s Chronicle, and doing consulting work which is how he met Eugene.  The database and system we started building in 2006 remains a core part of our investment process, particularly the relative strength and market sentiment analysis which complement the more fundamental approach of Venkat and Srinivasan. Robert is Operations Director and Head of Investment Research at Realm.


We have further strengthened our research capability through a strategic alliance with Riviera Capital Consulting & Research (RCCR). The RCCR research team is headed by Srinivasan. In 2012 he was rated as Asia’s number one analyst by the Wall Street Journal in his specialist category.

The RCCR analysts provide global economic and investment market research to Realm along with quantitative research on global markets, investment funds and portfolio monitoring capability.

Our Charges

Our aim is to deliver an Active Management Service at a Passive Price.

We have just one charge – our management fee. This is charged at 0.25% per annum. We do not apply any other charge, where other managers might include an initial fee and/or a performance related management fee, we will not do so. We believe our service offers a significant price advantage, particularly where a client (or collectively with other family members) holds more than a million of assets.

We also offer our own platform service for as little as 0.25% per annum, capped on the first million with all dealing charges free.

Our Model Portfolios

We manage a range of investment portfolios. Five are differentiated by the level of investment risk and another by its objective for income rather than capital growth.

Our Philosophy & Process

Our investment approach differentiates us from many other investment firms. We believe in Active Management and though we are not averse to using low cost index-tracker funds where appropriate, we will often seek to add value through the appointment of highly skillful, experienced fund managers that can out-perform passive investment strategies. Our process ensures that we adhere to the investment objectives for each portfolio and, where we deem it necessary to do so, we actively make changes so we might improve the investment outcome. Our portfolios are constantly monitored to make sure they reflect our current assessment of appropriate risk and opportunity.

Most investment firms acquire their third-party research from the same source often resulting in a “sameness” approach across managers. Whilst we do not strive to be different, we have found that we often hold a different view to many fund managers because we conduct our own independent research. Our in-depth analysis of investment markets covers both fundamental and technical aspects and incorporates a core quantitative component which helps minimise subjective, emotional decisions that can often damage returns.

Investment markets are always in a state of flux and there is constant rotation in and out of favour between the various market regions and sectors. Our proprietary system is always tracking relative strength between assets and will alert us to potential risk and opportunities.

We also believe that market timing should be utilised as part of risk management. Rather than adopting a hold and hope approach, we argue that long-term returns can be improved by actively managing systemic risk, i.e. lowering risk when the market is displaying signs of ongoing weakness. To this end we have developed our own range of proprietary investment analysis tools. These include our Market Timing Charts, Risk Barometers, and Market Sentiment Indicators.

Our Platform Service

Should you decide to use our platform service your clients will have access to our secure client portal. We show examples below of the Reports and Charts available if a client wishes to view their investment portfolio and track performance.

Once logged in they can access a Summary page for a quick overview, or a more complete breakdown of each account they hold with an option to select whatever date they may wish to view. Performance reports can be generated over any time period.

Account Summary

The summary calculates any capital additions or withdrawals over the selected period and expresses this figure as Net Investment in the period. The monetary change in the value of your account over the period is shown on the fourth line. Finally the performance of your account is shown as the time weighted total return over the period selected.

Performance Chart

A chart plotting the performance of your client’s investment account. This is charted as a percentage movement of the account over the selected period.

Cumulative Performance Graph

This chart plots the percentage performance of the selected account (or portfolio) since its start date. The cumulative chart compares the performance of your client’s portfolio against the portfolio’s benchmark.

Cumulative Performance Bar Chart

This chart sits alongside the Cumulative Performance Graph and shows the Current Cumulative Performance data in a bar chart format for the selected time period and since inception.

Your clients will receive valuation reports every three months. The valuation will report on the performance of each portfolio over the last three months and over the last twelve months so they can determine whether the portfolios have met their investment objectives.

In addition, if the overall value of any client portfolio, measured from the beginning of each reporting period, depreciates by 10%, and thereafter by multiples of 10%, we will notify both you and if you require us to do so, your client by the end of the following business day.

We will not hold client money or assets. We use a third-party custodian and investment platform provider(s) to handle your client investment accounts and assist in the generation of reports.